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Unleash The Archers-''Time Stands Still'' 2015

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Unleash The Archers-''Time Stands Still'' 2015
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I am bored with the ''old ones'' of Rock and Metal saying ''Heavy Metal is dead'' or ''there is no guitar heroes '' There is many ignorant ''rock stars'' out there who do nothing but wait around for the viagra and the meds to kick in while wiping there fat ass with another loyalities cheque for something they wrote back in the 70s and still not had a good idea since then.
Unleash The Archers are always having great ideas, there is development and growth with every new release.''Time Stands Still'' is there 3rd release but there first one for Napalm Records.
Heavy Metal is not dead, The Guitar Hero is alive and kicking, this cd proves all the coffin dodgers they are wrong!!
Don't think this band should have a label, they are many things there, and if you want to look closer into the genre, you will find huge amounts of New Wave of British Heavy Metal.
UTA and ''Time Stands Still'' is for Heavy Metal fans of all ages!For me this is the kind of cd, I would expect the late Tommy Vance to be playing this cd on a Friday Rock Show Night, I can hear him whisper now ''classic cuts''.
First the band members
Brittney Slayes has a scream that would make Bruce Dickinson proud!
Her range is huge, sometimes gentle, sometimes full force, I don't think there is any song out there she could not take on.This lady is 100% a Heavy Metal singer!!
I don't think I have heard anyone sing with some much variation!
If Doro is the Queen of Metal, then Brittney Slayes is that Queen in waiting!
I can praise her enough, the energy, the passion, don't be a fool and think its a female singer if you keep away from this band because of a female singer, then you are a dick.
Grant Truesdell & Andrew Kingsley twin guitars, how bloody marvelous is that, I love there duels on the cd!! The harmonious sound of riffs and solos your ears just beg to hear more!
Kyle Sheppard & Scott Buchanan there lots of moments you will remember, great double act on the bass and drums, there playing takes me back to many of the classic sounds that were produced on ''Restless and Wild '' by Accept.
I can't help but think back to the 80s Metal scene when listening to this cd.
It screams everything good about Metal!
I don't know if the band put any thought into the running order of the cd.
It could be by accident but for me its just right, takes back to a time were, the golden rule for Side 2, was to have some non-radio-friendly stuff and for sure some ''epic'' song for the last track. The last track here is the title of the album "Time Stands Still'', its powerful, expressive and yes its, what you want for a last track. Its greatness is its so strong, a classic that should turn into an anthem during live performances.
Northern Passage/Frozen Steel...great intro music that is heartfelt, you may think the song" Frozen Steel" is a battle cry for the Night's Watch from Game of Thrones, of course these are the visuals I see and hear from the music, I love the chorus ''Warriors of Ice and snow", there is no time to catch your breath as Unleash The Archers go from to zero to 100 mph in seconds with ''Hail Of The Tide'' this song is very memorable, will be very appealing during their live set, a song to raise the horns and fists in the air!
"Tonight We Ride" is so over the top, very 80s metal, I love the bands conviction to not hold back, you get EVERYTHING here, vocals that soar and soar, guitars that make your ears bleed, drums and bass that change gears like a Ferrari.
The song is ostentatious, that's it beauty, with the video, it begs to get noticed, but never pretentious.Really this is a statement, a magnificent display of how much fun Heavy Metal is!!!Sometimes Metal takes itself too seriously and can be very snobbish
''Test Your Metal'' Of course its very cliché but its also very Heavy Metal, lots of energy, a lot of folks won't get this band, this song takes me back to a wonderful time when Metal will always be a lifestyle choice and not just a fad.
''Crypt''and ''No More Heroes'' both really good tracks, very much album tracks,classic side 2 stuff here and very non-radio-friendly. To really enjoy this cd, When you're listening for the first time it's important not to get bogged down in complexity of the different genres of music.
''Dreamcrusher'', this is my favourite track on the cd. The lyrics are very powerful, the song has an excellent story.I like seeing the world through the eyes of Brittney Slayes. I love the line in the song....''Carried on the wind, this new crusade begins, No more chains, I refuse to play the games, never kneel again, to words others say, when they tell us how to be, find the strength to break the lines of fate''!
I am mesmerized by this song, you know how its going to end, I love the opening of the song, I love the complexity in the lyrics and music, while you wait for the hammer blow last line ''This world is a Dreamcrusher''!
''Going Down Fighting'' this is maybe the weakest song on the cd, it has its moments but not enough for me.
I have already mentioned the last song, its epic!

My rating 9 out of 10
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